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  • ...that evidence points to James Pierce being the Deleter?
  • ...that Samus appears sleeping in Peach's Castle in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars?
  • ...that for Samus to use the Power Suit, it requires a great deal of mental concentration?

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Steambot Barracks Steamlord awakes

The Steambot Barracks is a room in the floating city SkyTown on planet Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The room is a hibernation chamber for one of the Steamlords of SkyTown, and it also houses several of its dormant Steambot drones as well. Samus arrives in this room during her exploration of SkyTown. Samus enters at the top of the room, and after activating a Hand Scanner, she takes the lift down to the mid-way point. Here, she enters the tunnels in her Morph Ball. Samus emerges from the tunnels through a hole in the top of an inactive Recharge Chamber. Samus attempts to leave the room from here, but is denied authorisation and locked out. Samus swings around to see the Steamlord and five Steambots awaken from cryosleep.

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