A Bridge Too Far

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A Bridge Too Far
Noob bridge
Running across the noob bridge
Game Super Metroid
Planet/Ship Zebes
Area Brinstar
Notable features Bridge of Pit Blocks
Significance First required usage of running
Enemies/wildlife Cacatacs, Zeela

A Bridge Too Far, more commonly known to fans as the noob bridge or n00b bridge, is a famous room in Brinstar in Super Metroid.

The bridge consists of Pit Blocks, and can not easily be crossed without using the dash button for speed. Barring sequence breaking, it is the first place in the game where the dash button is required to progress (as intended by the developers). Many new players have found themselves unable to figure this out; hence the fan name "n00b bridge".

There are a few ways to cross the bridge without the dash button. On PAL, it is possible to roll across the entire bridge without using the Mockball, although it requires several tries if one is not experienced with the technique. This is due to Samus being sped up to account for the PAL convention of 50 frames per second. The other method is to jump repeatedly across the bridge, though this is both difficult and quite dangerous to pull off because of the very strict timing and the spikes directly above. Both of these tricks are significantly harder than simply dashing across the bridge, however.

The only occurrence of the bridge's name is in dream readings by Ariadne Yuko.



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