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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Ability Disassembly and Conversion Machine

Samus trapped in the machine.

The Ability Disassembly and Conversion Device is a data transfer device used by the Dominion. The Body Snatcher set it up in the Marine Park as a trap for Samus Aran, with the goal of using the machine to convert her upgrades into data that could be extracted and stored in Data Capsules. The trap sprung up from the ground seemingly after Samus was kicked above it and it suspends her in the air, holding her arms. The plan was successful in removing her Missile Launcher and Varia Suit, among others. It does so via electrical currents, which are extremely painful to the test subject, in this case, Samus, who commented that it was tearing her body apart. The Snatcher commanded Joey Apronika, who he had under mind control, to deliver a fatal dose of electricity to Samus, but Joey came to his senses and instead jumped in the path of the electricity, defending Samus but wounding himself. The electricity destroyed the machine, freeing Samus and allowing her to kill the Snatcher. She was unable, however, to recover her abilities before Greed escaped, and they were given to his most trusted henchmen, the Deadly Six Stars.

Design notesEdit

Body Snatcher concept

"Below is the machine that absorbed Samus's abilities. The machine was completed by the brilliant scientists the Snatchers continue to possess and the financial power of the Dominion. But it was destroyed in an instant! They do not currently have the ability to reproduce a dead Snatcher."

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