Boss mua

Mua, a creature that thrives in acid.

Acid is a hazardous chemical compound found throughout the Metroid series. Acid does harm to Samus' Power Suit at a rapid pace due to its corrosive effects. It also impedes her movement. Acid is mostly present on Zebes. Once Samus has acquired the Varia Suit in Metroid: Zero Mission, she becomes immune to the effects of acid. Certain creatures, such as the Mua and Geegas thrive in acid. Kraid's Hideout features enormous pools of acid, though some of these are actually fake and will disappear when Samus makes contact. Some creatures, like Kihunters, spit acid at Samus to damage her. Flaahgra was a mutant plant in Metroid Prime, mutated by the Phazon on Tallon IV. The creature polluted the Water in the Chozo Ruins to an acidic state until Samus killed the beast, which restored the water to its harmless state.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Pirate Homeworld was doused in Acid Rain. Unlike Acid Rain on Zebes, Samus was not adapted to the environment and would be constantly damaged by the rain until she acquired the Hazard Shield. This may suggest that the level of acidity in the rain is different from acid on Zebes.


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