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The Metroid theme was first mooted by Nintendo. Funnily enough, before they suggested it, we had already thought about Metroid and it was on our list of proposals. So when the suggestion came from Nintendo, we were all really excited!

—Adrian Barritt

Adrian Barritt

Adrian Barritt is a British video game programmer and development manager, best known for his work on the Pro Pinball series. Barritt is the co-founder of Fuse Games alongside Richard Horrocks, and was instrumental in the development of Metroid Prime Pinball. They previously worked at Oxford Digital Enterprises, Cunning Developments and Empire Interactive together.

In an Metroid Prime Pinball/Interview with Nintendo Online Magazine, Barritt revealed that the Fuse Games staff had been interested in working on a Metroid title before Nintendo suggested they develop Prime Pinball. He stated that the Pirate Frigate table was the first one they developed, and that Nintendo's feedback on the game improved its quality. Barritt also revealed the origin of the Cow trope in pinball games, which continued into Metroid Prime Pinball as a flying cow that occasionally appears during the Shriekbat Shootout Mini-Game. His best score with the game was 68,000,000 points.

According to Barritt on his LinkedIn page, he has been playing games since Pong, and writing them since the ZX81. He is currently the head of development at Barnstorm Games, which absorbed Fuse Games' successor studio, Silverball Studios, in 2012.

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