Lastly, I'll talk about the new abilities we've given to Samus called Aeion abilities. Using a special energy called Aeion, Samus can temporarily power up with several abilities. For example, you can power up your attacks and hold down the fire button to unleash a machine gun barrage of shots. You can boost your sensors to unveil your surroundings and detect hidden paths. You can even surround yourself with lightning that negates damage and deflects enemies. That's just the beginning. These Aeion abilities give you special powers that haven't been seen until now. They should give you more ways to play that really add to an orthodox 2D Metroid game. It really feels like we challenged ourselves to do what hadn't been done before. And honestly, I feel it's a great success. We've really expanded on the breadth of things possible in a Metroid game.

Yoshio Sakamoto

MSR Chozo Memory 02

The Chozo extracting Aeion from SR388's native fauna.

Aeion is a "very mystical and powerful energy source" introduced in Metroid: Samus Returns. As a complement to her Chozo equipment, Aeion gives Samus various extra abilities. The Scan Pulse is one such ability, which allows Samus to see hidden blocks, and expands the visible Map on the 3DS's lower screen. Lightning Armor grants Samus an extra layer of protection. Beam Burst gives Samus a scattershot ability. Finally, Phase Drift slows down time around Samus, which will also slow down enemies, and even blocks that she destroys. Multiple Aeion abilities can be used at once, although it obviously means a larger consumption of Aeion.

To collect Aeion abilities, Samus must visit Aeion Ability Artifacts. To replenish Aeion, Samus can collect Aeion Orbs dropped by enemies after they are killed or successfully parried. The capacity of Samus's Aeion Gauge is increased by collecting Aeion Tanks. Selection of Aeion abilities is done with the D-pad of the Nintendo 3DS.

The fanfare that is heard when an Artifact is collected is a remix of the Chozo Artifact collection theme in Metroid Prime.

Origin Edit

The origin of Aeion is implied to be a unique energy found in all forms of life, such as SR388's inhabitants, the genetically-engineered Metroids and Proteus Ridley. The Chozo Memories demonstrates the Chozo collecting and analyzing the yellow orbs of Aeion emanating from deceased Hornoads.

Strangely, Aeion is also present in all of the planet's robots, though this may be the result of the Chozo energizing their machines with the collected energy.

Official dataEdit

Aeion Ability symbols

Aeion Ability symbols.


"The following abilities use the Aeion Gauge (page 7) and can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • You can activate multiple abilities at once.
Aeion Ability
"The currently selected ability is designated by a white frame. Abilities will light up when in use."
Aeion Abilities Screen
"Check current Aeion abilities and their effects.
  • Press [R] to switch back to the map menu screen."

On-screen tutorialEdit

"Aeion fuels special abilities, like the Scan Pulse. Refill your gauge with the Aeion Orbs foes may drop when you either beat them or successfully parry."

"Upgrading suit for Aeion compatibility..."

List of Aeion AbilitiesEdit


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