MSR Chozo Memory 02

Chozo collecting Aeion Orbs in Chozo Memory 02

Aeion Orbs are a new pick-up featured in Metroid: Samus Returns, which are similar to the Energy Capsules of past games. When collected, they restore Samus's Aeion Gauge. Aeion Orbs are dropped from enemies that are killed or successfully countered , and seem to automatically draw to Samus's Power Suit. Aeion Orbs have a gold color in contrast to the purple of Energy Capsules. They are much more plentiful than Energy Capsules, even appearing when Samus's Aeion Gauge is full. There is also a Big Aeion Orb that fully restores her Aeion.

In the second Chozo Memory, a Chozo is shown collecting an Aeion Orb dropped by a dead Hornoad.


"Restores your Aeion energy.

  • There are large and small variants that restore your Aeion energy by different amounts."

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