Agon Wastes

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Agon Wastes
Agon Wastes enter
Agon, the scorched desert.
Planet Aether
Environment Rocky desert, semi industrialised
Sub-Areas 2 Sub-areas:
  • Mining Area
  • Space Pirates Area
Bosses Bomb Guardian, Dark Samus 1
Upgrades Morph Ball Bomb, Dark Beam, Darkburst
Connected areas By elevators: Temple Grounds, Torvus Bog and Sanctuary Fortress

By portals: Dark Agon Wastes

Distinct features Crash Site of the Space Pirates and their primary base on Aether.
Map [1]

The Agon Wastes, also known as Agon Sector, were previously the Agon Plains. Back in the Golden Age of the Luminoth on Aether, these lands were vast, lush plains stretching out as far as the eye could see. However, the atmospheric changes that occurred when the Leviathan crashed scorched the plains, leaving nothing but a barren, arid desert. The Agon Wastes also house the Agon Temple, the guardian of which was I-Sha before his death. Its Dark Aether counterpart was Dark Agon.

The Agon Wastes are home to many unique creatures, such as Lumites, Sandiggers, and Sandbats. The Space Pirates have a mining facility in its cave systems, and almost all of Agon is under their command. Few signs of Luminoth civilization can be seen, as the Pirates have mined the sector to search for its resources.

Areas and main roomsEdit

This sector can be divided into two areas:

Agon wastes wii de asobu

Mining AreaEdit

This area has little current Space Pirates activities and has some Luminoth ruins and technology in various places. Most of the rooms are open.

Main roomsEdit

Space Pirate mining facilityEdit

Command Center Agon

An old Luminoth mining facility that has become the main base of operations for the Space Pirates (who crashed here). Most of the area is subterranean.

Main roomsEdit

Similarities to Chozo RuinsEdit

Agon Sky

The landscape of the Agon Wastes.

The Agon Wastes are somewhat similar to the Chozo Ruins from Metroid Prime. Like the Ruins, the region is desert-like, and has ruins left behind by the ancient species that lived on the planet. They each have ambush predators such as Sandiggers, from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes or Beetles, from Metroid Prime. Counting the Great Temple as a sub-area of the Temple Grounds, they also both act as the second areas explorable via the natural route of the game. Lastly, they seem to both have statues, like the statue of the Amorbis, or the many Chozo statues and relics, and in Metroid Prime's case, most Chozo Artifacts.

See alsoEdit

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  • Agon is a Greek word that meant a contest, competition, or challenge that was held in connection with religious festivals. In its broader sense of a struggle or contest, agon referred to a contest in athletics, chariot or horse racing, music or literature at a public festival in ancient Greece.
    • Agon, of course, also has possible relation to the English word Agony, which is a common synonym for suffering.
  • Before its Energy Controller is restored, Agon is plagued by lightning storms. Like the other regions, Agon becomes sunny when its energy is returned.
  • The color code of Agon is amber.

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