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Tallon Overworld Screenshot (68)
Game Metroid Prime
Planet/Ship Tallon IV
Area Tallon Overworld
Notable features Space Jump Boots, light shining down into the room
Significance Location of Space Jump Boots
Enemies/wildlife none

For other uses, see Alcove (Disambiguation).

Alcove is a room in Tallon Overworld in Metroid Prime. It is where Samus acquires the Space Jump Boots, which are found in the center, on a slightly raised mound inside a narrow ring of shallow water. It is fairly small, round and plant-filled, with a hole in the ceiling through which a ray of sunlight shines onto the item. The only door is on a ledge that cannot be reached without the boots, so they must be collected to get back out.

Connecting roomsEdit


Tallon Overworld Screenshot (78)

Samus obtains the Space Jump Boots

Space Jump Boots
These are in the center of the room, in plain sight.



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