Alimbic Cannon

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Alimbic Cannon

Samus watches the Alimbic Cannon.

The Alimbic Cannon is a device appearing in Metroid Prime Hunters, and is crucial to the plot of the game.

The Cannon stands on six leg-like feet, and has a twisted barrel, getting more narrow as it goes up in the air, and then widening again in a spiky-looking mouth. A blue glow can be seen within, as well as a blue light in the same color at the base of the Cannon. The Cannon stands in a barren, desert area on Alinos.

The Alimbic Cannon opens a portal to the Infinity Void, a hidden dimension where the Oubliette is situated. By activating the Alimbic Cannon, the Void is opened once again, making it possible for Samus Aran to reach the Oubliette and destroy the monster known as Gorea.

The Cannon is operated by returning all 8 Octoliths to the Alimbic Cannon Control Room on Alinos. It will fire into the center of the Alimbic Cluster, opening a rift to the Infinity Void and showing the way to the Oubliette, so Samus can fulfill the legacy of the Alimbic race.

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