The Alimbic Prophecy was used by the Alimbic race. It was a clue to how to defeat Gorea. The Alimbic Prophecy was contained in eight lore entries scattered across the Alimbic Cluster.

The completed Prophecy reads as follows:

"It is written that the Alimbic power shall materialize when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.
In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by a flash of Yellow Lightning.
Yellow Lightning shall strike with demonic fury upon the Greenwood.
With a voice of thunder shall the Greenwood burst into an Orange Blaze.
The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of Blue Smoke.
Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the geometry of Violet Crystal.
Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its wake a Red Stain.
When the Red Stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient Alimbic power be manifest."


  • "The VOLT DRIVER draws energy from the planetary electromagnetic field and converts it into multi-terawatt bursts of HIGHVOLTAGE." -Metroid Prime: Hunters Logbook Entry
  • A Magmaul charged shot explodes upon contact and bursts into orange flames revealing the Orange Blaze.
  • In a cutscene at Alinos, Sylux's ship, the Delano 7 flies above Samus, emitting blue smoke.
  • The Imperialist beam leaves a red "stain" similar to the one mentioned in the Alimbic Prophecy
  • The colors mentioned correspond to the sub-weapons' colors in the weapon select menu.
  • The Judicator encases enemies in icy crystals when used by Noxus.
  • The Battlehammer shoots green energy blasts.

Prophecy FulfilledEdit

This prophecy was referring specifically to the six Colored Panels surrounding the arena inside the Oubliette where Gorea was kept, each colored to signal which weapon it represented. Samus had to fire at each panel in the correct order with the corresponding weapon, while Gorea would attempt to deter her. Each panel would spin to indicate that it had been done correctly. Once all six were sealed, her Gunship would signal her, then Samus would finish off Gorea as intended.

As a result of the fulfilling of the challenge, Samus and Gorea would face off in a different arena, where Gorea would reveal another form and continue the assault. Luckily, now Samus had access to the super-powerful Omega Cannon, with which she could defeat Gorea, then escape the self-destructing prison.

If Samus did not fulfill the prophecy, then after defeating Gorea in his first form, the Oubliette would explode anyway, and neither Samus nor the other hunters would make it out alive.

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