Alimbic Turret v1.4

Weapons Complex

The Alimbic Turret v1.4 is a modified version of the standard Alimbic Turret. It is able to quickly fire multiple shots without overheating. Being of Battlehammer energy, the Volt Driver can destroy this turret rather quickly.

Since it fires Battlehammer rounds, its internal operation may be similar to the Battlehammer, in which it is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. Seeing as how the turret can fire multiple blasts rather than a repeating one, it may either use less energy per round or have a larger reactor than the Battlehammer. The size of the turret's shots is something to note. While the Battlehammer fires shots about the size of a basketball, the turret's rounds seem much smaller, around the size of a baseball. This seems to support using less energy per round.

Logbook entryEdit

Alimbic Turret v1.4

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

This modified turret is capable of rapid-fire operation with little or no overheating.

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