Alinos was once a lush and thriving planet full of life, albeit a volcanic one with a very high temperature that was used for geothermal energy. Sometime in Alinos' history it was inhabited by the race known as the Alimbics, who built structures throughout the planet. During this time, the Alimbics began construction of a mighty weapon known as the Alimbic Cannon. Eventually, the planet's core exploded, devastating the structures and features of the Alimbic world. It is unknown how such an incident occurred.

This planet was also the crash site of Gorea, a mysterious entity that was ultimately responsible for wiping out the Alimbic race.

Complete Map of Alinos: [1]


Alinos' shattered crust is intertwined with countless cracks and fissures, exposing the planet's molten core, which constantly spews upward jets of lava. Various ruins of the ancient Alimbic civilization have survived the planet's violent past, but many lie in a state of disrepair. It is a barren world, with most of its flora and fauna presumably being wiped out by the explosion of the planet's core. Zoomers, War Wasps, Blastcaps and poisonous Weeds are among the few species hardy enough to survive Alinos' post-catastrophe environment.

Official dataEdit


"The once-beautiful planet of ALINOS, home to the ALIMBIC ELDERS, has fallen into disrepair since the explosion of the planet's core."


Alinos (The Volcanic Ruin)
"This planet's ulta-high temperature once provided power for an Alinos city. In the ruins, visible reminders of their civilization can be seen."

Local BioformsEdit

Metroid Prime Hunters SS02D

Echo Hall

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  • The theme of Alinos contains similar beat to the Chozo Ruins theme from Metroid Prime.
  • Spire and Weavel are first encountered on Alinos - the former being encountered while searching for the Octolith, and the latter during the escape sequence. This makes Alinos the only other location in Metroid Prime Hunters where two hunters are encountered for the first time.
  • Spouts of fire shoot up through the lava in rooms featuring it. This feature was present in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion as well, although these features cause damage on contact, while the Hunters version is entirely harmless.

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