Alinos Gateway - multiplayer

Alinos Gateway is a multiplayer level in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is based on the room of the same name in story mode, with minor adjustments since this is a multiplayer arena. This stage abounds in lava, forcing bounty hunters to pay attention to both the battle and the battlefield, unless Spire is being controlled (he is immune to the lava).


This map features the Magmaul, Battlehammer and Imperialist as weapons, as well as Missile Ammo and the generic weapon located atop the landing pad. The Imperialist rests on the ledge to the left of the image here. This is an ideal area for a hunter to use to camp and snipe others with the Imperialist. Several Jump Pads are used to get up here. The Magmaul is situated on the right of the image but cut off at the bottom. The Battlehammer is off-screen to the left, next to a short wall of stacked bricks.

Battlehammer (Weavel)

Weavel fires his weapon of choice, the Battlehammer.


Spire's Dialanche is useful for climbing up the rock walls to get to the Imperialist quickly, and if necessary to take out a camped occupying hunter. A glitch in the multiplayer stage allows Spire to place himself inside a rock near the Imperialist's post by wedging himself between the rock and the ledge of the culvert, and morph at the corner of the rock that touches the wall. In the rock, Spire is invisible and can shoot through the rock (other hunters cannot shoot at him, but Spire may be hurt by splash-damage blasts from explosive weapons. Other hunters could potentially use this glitch, but only Spire is able to withstand the lava.

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