The Alinos Perch is a room on Alinos, as the name implies. It appears in Metroid Prime Hunters.


Magma Voldrum

Magma Voldrum

Samus Aran enters this room on her second visit to Alinos, when she is attempting to obtain the second Octolith there.

The Alinos Perch is a massive sandcanyon, and one of the largest rooms on Alinos. The Ceremonial Charms are located here. It features several platform-like rocks in the ground, and from either side of the room there are two ramps leading to other areas. Samus initially cannot do much here, except for defeat Guardians that greet her on first entry, until she kills the Fire Spawn in the next chamber and returns with the Magmaul, but her ultimate goal here is to reach a door at the top of the room. To reach it, she must fire at two projectile-sensitive Platform Switches on the bottom level. Next, Samus must run up a ramp and destroy multiple Alimbic security systems, destroy an Orange Force Field, enter a chamber and fire at another Platform Switch.

Said action moves a floating platform into a reachable place, and activates a Jump Pad on it. Samus jumps off this platform to reach another, and another, until she reaches the top of a very tall rock, containing a Security Computer that unlocks the Sealed Door keeping her from accessing the Crash Site of Gorea.

The Alinos Perch is passed through when Samus is moving towards the Piston Cave to collect the Binary Subscripture, her hardest Alimbic Artifact yet. It is last required to be accessed during the Countdown after Samus has collected the second Octolith, where the room is on her escape route. A Guardian attempts to stop her escape, but she is not required to fight it and may flee if she would like.

Connecting roomsEdit



Missile Expansion
Found close to the last Platform Switch, behind an Orange Force Field.


Ceremonial Charms
Platform Switch
Security Computer


  • The doors to both the Council Chamber and Crash Site demonstrate an unusual glitch that is not found anywhere else in the game: usually, the small "airlocks" that serve as loading buffers between all areas are displayed on the map as nameless, rectangular rooms. However, the map shows the Council Chamber directly attached to Alinos Perch, while an empty space exists between the Perch and the Crash Site's upper entrance.
    • If the player attempts to activate the map while inside either "vanishing" airlock, they will see only a "Topographical View Unavailable" message identical to that seen in the Stronghold Void, or more rarely the game will freeze.
    • The lower "airlock" from the Crash Site is also twice as large on the map as the usual variety, but is the same size in-game.

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