Alinos Perch (Level)
Alinos Perch (Level) 2

Alinos Perch is a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime Hunters, which is adapted from the room of the same name in the story mode. The stage has two levels.

Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Rock walls and towers are the perfect environment for Spire's Dialanche. The Magmaul power-up, Spire's Affinity Weapon, can be found here as well.


Sylux is exceptional in Capture. When chasing down other hunters, Sylux can use the Shock Coil to sap their energy. Trace is able to use the Imperialist (when cloaked) to snipe enemies carrying his team's Octolith. This advantage also applies to Bounty matches.


Watching two Nodes from a sniper perch, Trace is able to keep both of them clear of enemies by using his Imperialist. Spire, equipped with the Magmaul, is easily able to blast other hunters away with this powerful weapon.

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