! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

An Alpha Blogg is the head of a Blogg pack, having become the largest and strongest of the members. They are immense, much larger than regular adult Bloggs, and are capable of firing sonic disruption blasts, which can disrupt Samus' Visor and her weapon control systems through direct contact with them. They also attack with their titanic triple-jawed maws in an attempt to eat their foe. They possess the same strengths and weaknesses as normal Bloggs, which is both a blessing and a hindrance.


One such beast was found trapped in the Torvus Bog's lower regions, where it was possibly feeding off of the local Hydlings. It was sealed within the Hydrodynamo Shaft, and was unable to attack anything, let alone Samus. However, this all changed soon when she obtained the Gravity Boost; the gates back into the Hydrochamber Storage room were shut tight and the Alpha Blogg was released as part of a trap for those who took the item, and it attacked her in the Main Hydrochamber. Samus subsequently destroyed it in order to escape.

As with most boss battles throughout the series, the Alpha Blogg's weak point is the mouth. Despite a difficult battle, Samus could be made many times easier by keeping the Power Beam charged - when the Alpha Blogg readied its charging attack, Samus could easily fire a Super Missile into its mouth while attempting to get out of the way. This technique could kill the creature in as little as four direct hits. Another technique that could be used is to fire well-timed Darkbursts into its opened mouth. If a Darkburst hits the opened mouth's interior, the Alpha Blogg will take 50% damage. After taking a certain amount of damage, the Alpha Blogg began charging with its jaws closed so Samus could not damage it while it was not attacking.

Logbook entryEdit

Alpha Blogg

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Alpha Blogg
Immense Blogg pack leader. Enormous water dweller will fire sonic disruption blasts at foes. It has all strengths and weaknesses of its brethren.

Logbook entry

The Alpha Blogg is the largest and strongest of its pack. It can fire potent sonic stun blasts in battle. The blasts will disrupt your Visor and weapon control systems if they hit you. Its three titanic maws are potent weapons. Target the creature's mouth areas to inflict damage upon it.


  • The Alpha Blogg is one of three bosses in the Metroid Prime Trilogy that can be scanned before the battle begins, the others being the Omega Pirate and Spider Guardian.
  • By using a Ghetto Jump and the Gravity Boost, Samus can jump to the ledges and escape the battle with the Alpha Blogg, as the door is not locked.
  • It appears that the Alpha Blogg's horns on its crest are slightly chipped or broken. These are most likely battle scars due to having to fight with other Bloggs in order to prove its supremacy and attain the title of Alpha.
  • Of all the Alpha creatures that Samus has fought, the Alpha Blogg is the only one that was never possessed by the Ing.
    • Though it doesn't have the word Alpha in its name, Quadraxis can be considered a larger, more powerful Quad robot due its similarity to them; essentially an Alpha Quad.
  • The Alpha Blogg is the only boss in the Trilogy to be fought underwater, and after acquiring a corresponding upgrade (the Gravity Boost).

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