Melissa Berman 5

MB, an android of Galactic Federation design.

An android is a robot or synthetic organism with the purpose of emulating Human appearance and actions (although sometimes the robot may be designed to represent another species). Thus far, only one human android has been seen in the Metroid Series: the AI construct made to reproduce Mother Brain's control, Melissa Bergman. Since she was of Galactic Federation design, it can be assumed that there are more androids elsewhere in the Federation. At the time of Metroid: Other M, androids were able to almost perfectly represent human appearance, making it impossible to distinguish between a human and an android externally.

Other AndroidsEdit

Though MB is the first human-based android in the Metroid series, other androids have also been present. Tinbots are referred to as androids in their temporary scan; as they were created by the Elysians, the term android is more likely referring to how the Tinbots were made in the Elysians' image rather than that of humans. This makes their stronger "cousins", the Steambots, androids as well. The Guardians encountered in Metroid Prime: Hunters are also referred to as androids in their scans. These synthetic beings were seemingly built in the Alimbics' image. Though not explicitly referred to as androids, the Torizo are androids built in the Chozo's image. Psycho Bits were Alimbic sentry droids.

In Metroid 1.5, an early draft for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a Mecha Samus idea was proposed as an android double of Samus Aran that could be built and used by her in the multiplayer mode.


  • Androids were very common in the Alien film series on which Metroid was based. Two such examples are Ash in the first film, with a rogue personality similar to MB, attempting to ensure the survival of the series' titular species, and Bishop 341-B in the film Aliens, who Ripley distrusts, similar to Samus growing infuriated at Adam in Metroid Fusion, but after the protagonists are supposedly betrayed, they are rescued.
  • Prime Series concept artist Andrew Jones is nicknamed "Android Jones".
  • Metroid, originally named Space Hunter, received its new and current name from a portmanteau of android and metro, as in rapid transport.