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Chozo Ruins Screenshot (67)
The bridge
Game Metroid Prime
Planet/Ship Tallon IV
Area Chozo Ruins
Notable features Cyrlic tree with platforms, gate unlocked by Runic Symbols, Water
Significance Junction point
Enemies/wildlife Reaper Vines, Venom Weed, War Wasp Hives, War Wasps, Chozo Ghosts

The Arboretum is a room in Metroid Prime. It is a very large room with a huge Cyrlic tree in the center, around which platforms and bridges lead to the top of the room. Before Flaahgra has been defeated, the water on the floor, while shallow, is poisoned and harmful to Samus; she can move over it using some platforms. There are four Runic symbols that Samus Aran must scan to access Sunchamber Lobby through the Door at the top. Behind this barrier is a block of Sandstone, which, once destroyed with a Bomb, reveals a Morph Ball tunnel.

A Secret World can be found in this room: [1]

Connecting roomsEdit

Ruins Screenshot HD (16)

The central tree




The lower part of the room as seen from halfway up

Runic symbol
"This runic symbol has been activated. Four runic symbols in this room must be activated."
Cyrlic tree
"Vast portions of tree's cellular structure have been consumed by toxins distributed through source water."
"Overwhelming toxin levels have rotted all leaves."
"Structural weakness detected in Sandstone block."


  • The name "Arboretum" seems to derive from the Latin word "Arbor", which stands for "Tree".


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