! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

Artifact Shield

Data Shrine 01

The Artifact Shield is a device presumably made by the Alimbics to safeguard Alimbic Artifacts. It resembles an Octolith in shape, but instead of the blue border and predominantly white coloring, the Artifact Shield is fully blue. The crystal disappears when the Shield Key is collected. Only a Shield Key can be used to open these devices, and Samus must scan or fight several creatures (including Guardians) to unlock the key to the device. It is found on all planets/space stations in the Alimbic Cluster, as all of them contain Artifacts which are protected by the device.


Artifact Shield

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

A security device that protects the ARTIFACTS. This device can be unlocked with the proper key.

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