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Artifact Temple

The Artifact Temple is a table in Metroid Prime Pinball based on the area of the same name on Tallon IV. Like in Metroid Prime, all 12 Chozo Artifacts are required before access to this table is granted, and Meta Ridley must be defeated before Samus can enter the Impact Crater. Unlike other tables, there are four flippers, two of them being on the circular section on the top screen. Once the ball enters a blue light on the top screen, a limited amount of rocks serving as the balls for this stage appear, as does Meta Ridley. To complete the table, all balls must be sent into the Chozo Totems located around the table; after a certain number has been put in, extra balls will appear. Should all balls be destroyed by Meta Ridley or fall into the outlanes, Samus will fail the table. While she will not lose any of her artifacts, she will have to complete another table before being allowed another try at the Artifact Temple.

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