Artifact of Newborn

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Artifact of Newborn
Phazon infested area chozo artifact
The Artifact of Newborn at the end of the Phazon Mining Tunnel.
Area Phazon Mines
Room Phazon Mining Tunnel
Requirements Phazon Suit
Log hint "Invaders mine the depths in their greed. Forge a path through a Tunnel of the Great Poison to claim the Artifact of Newborn."

The Artifact of Newborn is one of the twelve Chozo Artifacts Samus finds on Tallon IV. It is in a Morph Ball tunnel in the Phazon Mines' Phazon Mining Tunnel, which is usually accessed from Fungal Hall B shortly after the fight with the Omega Pirate. Although the artifact can be collected without the Phazon Suit, this requires a lot of full Energy Tanks. The artifact is at the end of the tunnel through blue Phazon in the room.

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