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Metroid Other M Rifle Art 52

Gallery Mode artwork of the rifle with a scope attached.

Metroid Other M Gun Art 54

Artwork of the rifle with a grenade launcher attachment.

The assault rifle is a selective fire rifle used by the 07th Platoon. Its ammunition is stored a piece of the gun that protrudes from its side, attached to the handle and the loader. It can be equipped with either a scope or a grenade launcher. Adam Malkovich and Lyle Smithsonian both carry this weapon in-game, using different attachments (Adam uses the grenade launcher, and Lyle uses the scope). Upon encountering Brugs, Lyle panics and fires his rifle on them in excess before he is stopped by James Pierce.

The Space Pirates have their own energy-based assault rifle that is not at all similar to the Galactic Federation's, as it fires a purple beam that causes minor damage to Samus.


Sniper Rifle
  • Miguel Luis Garcia, a character in Episode of Aether, appears to have the same assault rifle Adam has; it even has a grenade launcher.
  • This weapon resembles the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens.


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