Phendrana Drifts Screenshot (137)

The astronomical holographic projector.

The Glacier One Observatory features an astronomical holographic projector depicting the FS-176 solar system. The projector consists of a retractable upper node and a lower node which can operate independently of the upper one. The upper node is retracted when Samus finds it, due to a security protocol, and so the projector is non-functional. Activating it is key to her progression through the base. Samus must first kill the Space Pirates in the room, and then scan an Interface Module. This action causes a Bomb Slot to receive power; utilizing this activates a second Slot, which provides power to four Spinners at the bottom of the room. Using these removes the locks keeping the upper node retracted. The upper node then lowers, and the two nodes create the projection. Samus can then ascend the room, acquire the Super Missile located atop the upper node, and continue into the base.

Later, this projector provides a light source in the Observatory as the Glacier One labs darken following Samus' acquisition of the Thermal Visor.

Related scansEdit

Terminal (deactivated)
"Holographic spatial schematic is in lockdown per security directive 2.23.445."
Terminal (reactivated)
"Holographic map coordinate data has been updated successfully."
Upper panel
"Upper node of astronomical holographic projector is retracted and inactive."
Lower panel (deactivated)
"Lower node of astronomical holographic projector. Currently deactivated."
Lower node (reactivated)
"Lower node of astronomical holographic projector functioning normally."
"Holographic projector extensions are currently inactive and need to be manually rotated. Use the Spinners at the base of the projector to move the arms into place."


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