Geron Air System

An atmospheric stabilizer as it appears in Metroid Fusion.

Now, listen closely. The X in Sector 1 have invaded the atmospheric stabilizers. They must want to alter the environment to their needs. They are already reproducing. Clear all 5 atmospheric stabilizers to stop them.


The atmospheric stabilizer (called the Geron Air System in Japanese) is a ventilation system used in Sector 1 on the BSL. Shortly after Samus lands on the station during the events of Metroid Fusion, her CO Adam tells her that the X have infected five of these in Sector 1. She is tasked with clearing all of them of the X infection. To do so, she must fire three Missiles at the open portion to destroy the X. However, when she regains the Charge Beam, she can fire two shots to destroy the X. When Samus Aran enters a room with a corrupted atmospheric stablizer there will flashing red sirens, fog and a squeaky grinding sound from the stabilizer's clogged fans.

Interestingly, on the top left corner of the stabilizer, an object resembling a Nintendo GameCube can be seen. This may be a reference to Metroid Prime, released for the system alongside Fusion.

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