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An Atomic in a downed Federation ship.

An Atomic is an energy-based creature found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Metroid. It is virtually identical to the Pulse Bombu of Metroid Prime and the Harmony Class Drone of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Every few seconds, they drop one of the regenerative, explosive segments that compose their bodies, and the creatures collide with Samus if she charges her Beams near them (the reason being they are attracted to the intense energy), subsequently damaging her with their energized bodies. The two main differences to be seen is the Atomic's coloration (red and white) being vastly different from the others, and that the variation in Metroid Prime is only vulnerable to the electrical Wave Beam. Atomics can only be killed by a charged shot from any beam weapon and are found on planet Bryyo and the GFS Valhalla in Corruption.

In Super Metroid, there are entities found in the Wrecked Ship that are also Atomics. While the ship's energy is being drained by the high-ranked Space Pirate Phantoon, these 'Atomics' are encased in spherical glass casings; once the Pirate is defeated and the ship is operational, all of the Atomic-like entities break free from their containment and attack by slowly homing in on Samus when she's in close proximity, regardless of her charging her beam weapons (unlike the Prime 3 variant). As they chase Samus, they are able to move through any surface unhindered, much like the Wave Beam and Rinka. Although these beings have colorings that make them more closely resemble Pulse Bombus (green and yellow), they are considered Atomics because of the internal memory of Super Metroid, in which the file for this enemy names them as such. Also, like the Atomics featured in Prime 3, they're vulnerable to any beam weapon's charged shot as well. However, these entities can also be damaged by all other weapons in Samus's arsenal, including normal beam shots.

There is an extremely similar but officially unnamed construct that appears in both the Space Pirate Mother Ship and the Wrecked Ship in Metroid: Zero Mission. Bearing resemblance to both the Wrecked Ship's Atomics and Pulse Bombus only in shape and color, these constructs behave unlike any other similar entities. They attack by accurately shooting bolts of electricity at Samus, but not before giving themselves away by glowing and charging their bodies; their attack is strong enough to break through the powerful Screw Attack. Surprisingly, instead of making any attempt to approach their target, they constantly keep their distance and fly away when Samus gets too close (especially if she's using the Screw Attack). Finally, these unnamed creatures are invulnerable to all beam weapons, and can only be damaged with Missiles and the Screw Attack (sharing two weaknesses with the Atomics from Super Metroid).

Atomics can be found in the G.F.S. Theseus and Xenoresearch Lab on the G.F.S. Valhalla.

Logbook entryEdit



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Atomic
Corporeal energy that sloughs explosive segments of its form.

Logbook entry

Atomics are creatures composed entirely of energy. A strong energy blast is adequate to destabilize the Atomic and cause it to explode. They are sustained by their core, which generates a constant supply of electricity. When an abundance of energy has been produced, the Atomic will discharge a section of its body in the form of an explosive projectile. When near sources of energy of an opposite polarization, the Atomic will respond aggressively.



Super Metroid sprite

  • The Wrecked Ship's Atomics may have originally been used as power sources, as the glass containers they escape from appear to be short-circuiting. Given their energy-based nature, they were most likely used as such.
  • In several rooms, immobile Atomics glowing with a bright green color can be seen within glowing containers.
  • The unnamed creatures from Zero Mission are one of the few beings in the Metroid universe that can simultaneously break through the Screw Attack and instantly damage Samus Aran.
  • These creatures do not appear in the game's Easy Mode.
  • The Atomics are always found inside or near destroyed ships. This suggests that they are born from the residual energy found in the vessels or that the energized beings were used as power sources for unseen portions of the ruined ships before breaking loose.
  • The Zero Mission variant is seemingly used as a patrol animal for the Pirates' Mothership, as well as being sent out to explore neighboring areas such as the Wrecked Ship.

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