Aurora Access is a minor room on the G.F.S. Valhalla in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room serves as connection to the Valhalla's Aurora Chamber. Aurora Access is a highly damaged hallway, also heavily corrupted with Phazon. Two blast doors are seen here, having contained breaches in the hull of the ship. It is impossible for Samus Aran to reopen these. Liquid Phazon populates the room, running over debris covered with Phazon, and two Federation Marine bodies, one of which is a PED Marine, are being absorbed by Phazon, although Samus can prevent this by cremating the corpses with her Nova Beam.

Interestingly, once Samus has entered this room for the first time, an eerier soundtrack replaces the more orchestral theme as the Valhalla background music for the remainder of the game.

Connecting roomsEdit



Dead Federation Marine 1
"Phazon has begun the process of absorbing this dead trooper's body."
Blast doors
"Blast doors locked. Hull breach has been contained. Security override disabled."
"Debris covered with high amounts of Phazon. Wreckage suggests that a weapon was detonated here."
Dead Federation Marine 2
"The Phazon spreading out from this target suggests his PED tank malfunctioned."

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