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Samus automatically targets Reos in the System Management room.

The auto-aim firing system[1] is a new gameplay feature in Metroid: Other M. When the game is in third-person mode, Samus will automatically target enemies when firing Beam shots at them. The lack of manual targeting is due to the limited control possibilities with the sideways Wii Remote. In Search View, manual aiming becomes possible with the screen-pointed Wii Remote as well as Lock-on, which enables the firing of Missiles. Auto-aiming is not possible in the 2-D games or Prime Series, although Samus is able to lock onto enemies in the latter.


  1. ^ Official Nintendo Magazine issue 59, page 77: "The auto-aim firing system can reduce the core blasting action to frantic, skill-less button mashing at times, so they've done well to add a layer of nuance and depth."

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