The Auto Defense Turret is an automatic turret that opens fire on any enemy that comes within its range. Samus Aran encounters this turret on the Space Pirates frigate Orpheon and on Tallon IV in Magmoor Caverns at the Monitor Station, the Glacier One base in Phendrana Drifts, and the Phazon Mines. They have a weak casing and can easily be destroyed by a Missile, Super Missile, or Charge Beam shot, and can also be frozen with the Ice Beam, which can stun them momentarily, allowing Samus to shoot them at will. Wave Beam shots can cause them to spin randomly and continuously fire for a few seconds, then explode. They eventually become stronger as Samus gets closer to Metroid Prime, with Mega Turrets replacing them in the Phazon Mines.


Logbook entryEdit


Auto Defense Turret

Metroid Prime

Logbook entry

Subject >> Auto Defense Turret
Use Missiles to break outer casing.


  • A scan in the Orpheon's Deck Beta Transit Hall, states that the Pirates change the Auto Defense Turret security codes every other lunar cycle and warns that using the older deactivation codes may result in said turret's activation.
    • Samus' Scan Visor seems to be able to bypass this problem, most likely by means of the Power Suit's auto-hacking capabilities.
  • Auto Defense Turrets become more durable after they are first encountered on the Orpheon level. Auto Defense Turrets on Tallon IV require more missile shots to destroy them (these turrets should not be confused with Mega Turrets). Orpheon's Auto Defense Turrets can be destroyed by a single missile (and conveniently drop Missile Ammo) or a Charge Beam shot.
  • Notably, if Samus fires the Wave Beam at the Auto Defense Turret, the Turret is animated in a manner where it fires continuous shots while swiveling up and down. This may be a glitch in turrets due to the electric nature of the beam. A similar reaction occurs if Samus uses the Wave Beam against a Mega Turret.
  • If Samus stands in front of any kind of beam door, and a turret misses her and hits the door with a shot, it will ricochet, even keying the "Door cannot be opened with that weapon" message.


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