Auxiliary Lift is a room in the G.F.S. Valhalla in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is, as the name implies, an elevator that leads to the second floor of the G.F.S. Valhalla. On the bottom floor there is a dead Federation Marine. Scaning him reveals that he was crawling toward the elevator when he was shot at point blank range. Also on the bottom floor is a panel blocking an Energy Cell Station. Samus can pull the panel off with her Grapple Lasso and place an Energy Cell inside the station. The Energy Cell will give power to the elevator and Samus can use it to reach the second floor. This elevator requires an Elevator Terminal to be used through Context Sensitive Interaction. The second floor has a Morph Ball tunnel that leads to a Missile Expansion and a door leading to the Port Observation Deck.

Nathan Purkeypile render valhalla auxiliary lift

Nathan Purkeypile

Connecting roomsEdit


Missile Expansion
See above.


Energy Cell Station
"Energy Cell Station. This station is inactive. It appears to be missing an Energy Cell."
Energy Cell Station (2)
"Energy Cell Station. This station is receiving power. Energy Cell locked in place."
Federation Marine corpse
"Subject appears to have been crawling toward the lift when shot at point-blank range."
"Paneling has become unhinged. Scans indicate physical stress could rip the panel off."
Elevator Terminal (offline)
"This control terminal is not receiving any power. Unit is currently offline."
Elevator Terminal (online)
"Lift control terminal. Unit is powered and online. Engage to operate lift."

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