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Near the bottom left.

The Award Scanner is a Board Feature in Metroid Prime Pinball. The Award Scanner is a fast way to get items, points and Extra Balls.


When entering any table (except the Artifact Temple, which does not have an Award Scanner) the Award Scanner is powered down. In order to activate it for a single use, Samus must enter the Award Scanner, charging it - presumably through kinetic energy. Once activated, the Award Scanner can be used once before running out of power again. When Samus is using the Award Scanner, a roulette wheel will appear onscreen, and she may either lay a Bomb to stop the roulette prematurely or wait for the roulette to stop on its own.


The Award Scanner has several awards that it may give out. The Award Scanner is an "intelligent" roulette in the sense that it will not give out an award that Samus cannot use (i.e. if Samus already has full Missiles, then the Scanner will not give a Missile Recharge).

Health RechargeEdit

Recharges Samus' energy to a full eight lights.

Big PointsEdit

If Samus obtains this, she will receive a 50,000 point bonus, which, ironically, is really not that many points for Metroid Prime Pinball.

Phazon MultiballEdit

If this award is selected, then the Phazon Multiball minigame will be activated. This award is exclusive to Pirate Frigate, as Tallon Overworld (the only other table where this minigame is accessible) has a seperate scanner dedicated to activating and advancing the minigame.

Combat ReadyEdit

Activates the Combat Saucer for use.

Extra BallEdit

Grants Samus an Extra Ball, fully restores her health, and re-activates the Force Field.

Force FieldEdit

Re-activates the Force Field for use.

Missile RechargeEdit

If Samus obtains this award, then all of her missiles will be restored.

Bounty MultiplierEdit

Increases the Bounty Multiplier by one.

Power BombEdit

If Samus has already used her Power Bomb, then this will restore it to her.

Kickback ReadyEdit

If either or both of the Kickbacks are down, then this will re-energize them into activity once again.