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B-Stz was a Luminoth, the first known Guardian of Torvus Temple, and a great hero of Torvus during the Aether Incident. He led the charge of the Fourth Battle of Torvus and killed the Ing Horde war chief in the battle single-handedly. He lived to die peacefully of old age, and a statue honouring him can be seen at the entrance to the Torvus Energy Controller.

Official dataEdit


"Structural analysis complete. This is a statue of B-Stz, a great hero of Torvus. B-Stz led the charge in the Fourth Battle of Torvus, single-handedly killing the Ing Horde war chief in the battle. He died of old age within the temple he helped defend."

Preceded by:
Guardian of Torvus Temple
Succeeded by:

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