The BOTTLE SHIP Control Room is the main room of the Main Sector in Metroid: Other M.


The Galactic Federation 07th Platoon enters the room during their exploration of the derelict BOTTLE SHIP. Samus Aran, who had also intercepted the Baby's Cry distress signal, also enters the room, as she had decided to stay there for the sake of the soldiers. They discover the dead body of a Lab Worker, whose lab coat is stained with green blood. A Brug crawls out from under it before subsequently being destroyed by Lyle, due to his fear of insects.

Multiple Brugs suddenly form into a large mass, giving it a form with tentacles and a large body. The platoon and Samus destroy it together. Samus is allowed onto the team by Adam, who goes up to the top floor of the room and briefs the platoon on their mission. Everyone splits up to secure the different areas of the BOTTLE SHIP.

The top floor can never be reached until much later, however. An Elevator shaft in the connecting room leads up to Adam's post, but Samus can never access the door. Adam can also not be seen through the window except after Samus restores power in the System Management room. This is because he stands up as he orders her to follow Lyle to the Biosphere and arrive at a facility of interest.

At the end of the game, the Galactic Federation decides to destroy the BOTTLE SHIP. Before this happens, Samus returns to the room to collect a "treasure that cannot be replaced"; Adam's helmet, which he had left behind. Her objective is not so simple, however, as the elevator is also now locked and cannot be accessed. Samus takes a detour through the Control Bridge, defeats Phantoon, and is finally able to access Adam's post. She disables her suit and holds the helmet in an emotional moment, one that is interrupted when the Countdown sequence begins. Samus remains suitless as she escapes the exploding ship with Adam's helmet held close.


  • If Samus delays in the room right after Adam instructs her to follow Lyle to Sector 1, he will ask her if something is wrong and order her to head to her designated destination.


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