The BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area, also called the Residential Quarters by Adam Malkovich and the Residential Sector in the character log description for K.G. Misawa, is a part of the Main Sector on the BOTTLE SHIP. As the name implies, this room is where staff of the BOTTLE SHIP lived.


In Metroid: Other M, K.G. Misawa was ordered by Adam to investigate this area.

Samus Aran only enters this area during the post-credits sequence. Before, it was inaccessible because the door to it was concealed by a Desbrachian cocoon. Since she could not get to her target location, which was the top floor of the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room (containing Adam's helmet, which she had come for), she entered the residential area.

Bottle Ship Residential Area Missile

The Residential Area's Energy Part.

The room is inhabited by several Cyclaws and Super Kihunters. The room features several hatches on the walls that are merely scenery and cannot be opened by Samus. These presumably led to individual living quarters for the deceased residents of the BOTTLE SHIP. The room circles around a lamp in the middle, with an Energy Part at the top. To get it, Samus must Shinespark upwards. The room also features an Elevator to the Cryosphere.


  • It is unknown how K.G. Misawa gained access to the residential area when asked to explore it by Adam Malkovich: the only entrances are blocked by Desbrachian cocoons, which remain undisturbed until Samus enters the sector. It is possible that the numerous elevators in the sector connect to other areas of the station.
  • The glass-paneled railing surrounding the Residential Area's central column is the only transparent object in the game that the Wave Beam cannot pass through.

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