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A baby...

Samus Aran

This article is about the Baby Metroid that Samus encounters at the entrance to Sector Zero in Metroid: Other M. For the infant life cycle stage of the Metroid, see Infant Metroid. For the infant that Samus shared a maternal bond with in Metroid II: Return of Samus/Metroid: Samus Returns and Super Metroid, see baby.
Baby Metroid 1

The Baby Metroid appears.

The Baby Metroid was an Infant Metroid present on the BOTTLE SHIP.

In Metroid: Other M, Samus Aran sets off for Sector Zero, an area where the ringleaders of the BOTTLE SHIP propagated Metroids. While proceeding down the main hall, Samus stops momentarily and turns to her left, and the Baby Metroid appears. Taking her by surprise, she stumbles backwards, and recalls the hatching of the baby in Metroid: Samus Returns. She begins hyperventilating, unsure of whether or not she should kill it. Knowing Adam Malkovich would disapprove of her sparing it, she prepares to shoot it, but she is shot in the back with a freeze gun before she can. While collapsing to the floor with her Power Suit dissipating, the Baby Metroid suddenly prepares to attack Samus, and charges at her only to be frozen and killed itself.

Adam, the person who shot Samus, explains to her that she cannot destroy the Metroids because they were engineered to have their weakness to extremely cold temperatures removed, and speculates that the reason he was able to freeze the Baby Metroid was because it had not reached the next stage of its life cycle, the mature Larval stage, where the invulnerability to ice would have surfaced.

The Baby Metroid is named in concept art of the game.[1]


  • Adam managed to kill the Baby Metroid with only one freeze gun shot, and it was seen splitting into three pieces on the ground. The Metroids Samus later encounters during the battle against the Queen Metroid can only be frozen temporarily, long enough for her to destroy them with Super Missiles. This is due to the latter Metroids being mature Larvae, which are immensely more resistant than Infant Metroids, as well as the fact that they were most likely offspring of the Queen; as she was a control specimen and not altered to be unfreezable, she did not pass this onto her offspring.

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