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An Ing particle from an Ingstorm.
Featured in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Known locales Dark Agon Wastes, Ing Hive, Sky Temple Grounds
Known worlds Dark Aether
Attacks Destructive energy emissions

Ingstorms are swarms of minuscule Ing forms that attack in large numbers. The Ing usually use them to guard areas that need to be accessible, but also strictly defended. Individually, these small Ing particles cause about as much damage as a pinch. But banded together, they emit a destructive energy can corrode even the strongest known alloys. Since Samus' Power Suit is made of one such alloy, these Ing will rip right through the armor, even when equipped with the Dark Suit. Simple exposure to the energy created by these clusters of Ing is extremely lethal, as evidenced by the scan of two Luminoth corpses found near an Ingstorm in Reliquary Access.

One of the few ways to pass through the "storm" of Ing particles without being dealt damage is to acquire the Light Suit. Ingstorm particles turn red and bounce away when they collide with the Light Suit. However, if Samus is able to jump correctly, she can also utilize the Screw Attack to simply fly right through the Ingstorm without the protection of the Light Suit.

Ingstorms can be found in Dark Oasis, Reliquary Access, Reliquary Grounds, Ing Reliquary and Temple Security Access.

Logbook entryEdit

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes "Morphology: Ingstorm. Cluster of corrosive darklings. Contact with target swarm not recommended. Capable of corroding steel.

The Ingstorm is a collective swarm of tiny Ing. When banded together, they can emit destructive energy that, over time, can break down even the most durable of alloys."

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