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Metroidzm 22

Samus battling a Baristute in Metroid: Zero Mission.

The Baristute,[1] also known as X-45G,[2] is a Sidehopper/Dessgeega variation in Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid: Other M. It is larger in size, can take more damage, and is, of course, stronger. Baristute are vulnerable to all weapons, and can be defeated in exactly the same ways as their lesser relatives.

Having a loose resemblance to the Sidehopper and Dessgeega creatures, it charges back and forth at its prey and is also capable of leaping extremely high into the air. It can quickly perform a kick if Samus is found near the creature's legs in Other M, and can also spit a mucus-like substance at her which immobilizes her (much like the Dessgeegas from the same game), rendering her vulnerable to other attacks. Overall, it is much more powerful and durable than the mentioned relatives, though Samus' Screw Attack can kill it instantly in Zero Mission, while several hits are required in Other M.

In Zero Mission, its carapace shifts colors as it takes damage: while initially green and slow, it becomes progressively faster as it turns yellow, orange, and finally red - in the final stage, it is incredibly fast.

While this species is usually encountered alone, it has occasionally been found in small groups of two or three, though which is typically the norm for social behavior in this species is unknown.


  • The Baristute's more-durable nature is shared by the Blue Sidehoppers, the latter which are actually stronger than the former. Unlike the Baristute, however, the Blue Sidehopper variant seems to be artificially-created lifeforms.
  • Curiously, these creatures no longer respawn in a specific room located in Kraid's Lair after killing them. In other areas on Zebes, they always reappear when Samus exits and re-enters the rooms in which they are found. If Zero Mission is played in the normal sequence, the two Baristutes featured in Kraid's Lair would be the first of these creatures Samus encounters.
  • The ones fought in Kraid's Lair can be considered as mini-bosses for the reasons mentioned above. Also, the doors in the room lock as soon as Samus enters it the first time, forcing her to battle the Baristutes located there in order to unlock them.
    • In the same room, the two creatures are each restricted to an individual attack pattern: the first one is only capable of jumping, while the second one can only charge across the room. Other than these two, all other Baristutes are capable of utilizing both attacks.
  • Other M concept art depicts them as direct relatives of Sidehoppers and Dessgeegas. Curiously, the same concept art present arrows between the three species that may represent an evolutionary line.
  • There is a glitch in Other M whereas if a Baristute is shot off a platform, the creature will walk back in mid-air as if it were still on the platform, only to fall when the animation is completed. The same applies to the Sidehoppers and the Dessgeegas.
  • Facially, the Baristute more closely resembles a Shriekbat than it does a Sidehopper or Dessgeega.



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