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Metroid Other M Rifle Art 52

Artwork. [1]

The Battle Rifle is a scoped weapon used by the 07th Platoon. Presumably the same as a real-life battle rifle, it is specifically carried by Lyle Smithsonian, who uses it in one instance to shoot and kill a tiny Brug with an unnecessary amount of bullets.


  • Translated concept art for the Assault Rifle says that it is carried by Lyle and Adam, but Adam's is equipped with a grenade launcher. On closer inspection, they are both the same weapon, with different parts attached. Adam's is the one seen in the 'Assault Rifle' concept art, retrofitted with a grenade launcher, while Lyle's is the scoped version seen in the 'Battle Rifle' concept art.[2]
  • Bounty Hunter Trace has a zooming weapon, the Imperialist, which is a weapon of his kind, the Kriken Empire. Samus Aran is later able to obtain her own Imperialist, and her's is the only sniping weapon she has used in the Metroid series.


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