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Beetoms are small jumping, parasitic creatures with grasshopper-like legs found on the planet Zebes. They are completely unharmed by ordinary Beam weapons (but can be frozen with the Ice Beam). Their only weakness are Missiles, Super Missiles or Morph Ball weaponry, or they can be destroyed by using the Speed Booster to run through them. If a Beetom is given the chance to attack, it will leap onto its prey and latch on. After it is securely attached, the creature's single eye, which takes up almost the entirety of its front side, will turn red, and the Beetom will begin sucking the Energy from its prey, similar to a Metroid. Unlike the latter, however, Samus can remove the Beetoms quite easily by shooting them, often killing them in the process.

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide states: "Freeze and then Bomb them. They'll suck your Energy otherwise."


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