Kihunter Nest

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The Biological Experiment Floor is a room in the Biosphere in Metroid: Other M. The room is the location of a large Kihunter Nest, protected by a King Kihunter. It bears resemblance to an earlier explored room in the area, with a long, curving platform leading to the top of a pillar. However, the room gives off a blue atmosphere and is more organic in composition.

Several Whipvines are attached to the wall of the central structure and try to hit Samus with their tentacles. A Missile Tank can be found as Samus ascends the hive. As Samus reaches the top, she will find a hole leading into a chamber at the base of the structure. Here, she will encounter several Zero soon alerted by a loud screech and be attacked by numerous spawning Kihunters. She must destroy several support structures for the main structure in the room, which will then cause it to crack and reveal a King Kihunter. Samus then must fire Missiles at it to agitate it. When defeated, the King hardens into stone and the remaining Kihunters flee. Samus then notices Little birdie feeding on their honey, and knows that she was used by the creature. She leaves as Adam gives her her next instructions.

The room has its own theme music: [1]


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