These are the items that appeared in the Biosphere.

Major ItemsEdit

Diffusion BeamEdit

The Diffusion Beam is obtained by defeating a trio of FG-1000 robots on Samus' first trip to the Biosphere.

Space Jump/Screw AttackEdit

Samus will activate the Space Jump and the Screw Attack without authorization while chasing the unknown Galactic Federation trooper. It is activated upon discovering that the bridge to the entrance of the Bioweapon Research Center was retracted and the Terminal on her side was destroyed.

Seeker Missile LauncherEdit

The Seeker Missile Launcher is obtained while returning from the Bioweapon Research Center. It is obtained by defeating the Rhedogian.

Energy TankEdit

In Experiment Floor 3, a sliding platform exists along the left wall close to the exit door. Samus must ride the platform (taking care to kill Reos that attack) to its end and navigate a complex network of Morph Ball tunnels to reach the Energy Tank.

Energy PartsEdit

Energy Part 1Edit

From the King Kihunter's chamber in the Biological Experiment Floor, Samus will find the Energy Part in a tunnel straight ahead. She will find the entrance to the tunnel up the slope on the right and in the left wall.

Energy Part 2Edit

From the north exit of the large room with the pillar made of plants, Samus must use the Grapple Beam to reach the cliff in the next room. From there, she must Space Jump to the alcove above the exit door, and destroy a small crate to attain the Part.

Energy Part 3Edit

In one of the corners of the Subterranean Control Room is a Desbrachian shield. After killing it, the Energy Part can be found in the chamber it was guarding.

Energy Part 4Edit

While a longer route involving pipes from the Observation Room and then the Grapple Beam can lead to this Part, Samus can also simply go up to the northern exit of the room and Space Jump to the ledge with the Part.

Energy Part 5Edit

Samus must return to the top ledge of the Swamp Zone where she fought the first Groganch. From here, she must Space Jump around to reach a platform. A sensor is on the wall here, activating it will deploy three platforms from the wall on the right. Samus must scale them quickly as they retract after a time to reach the Part. The Shinespark and Space Jump can also be used in tandem, without activating the sensor.

E-Recovery TankEdit

This can only be obtained after Samus' return to the BOTTLE SHIP. Returning to the massive chamber leading to the now sealed off Biosphere Test Area, Samus will need to deploy a Power Bomb. After killing the Desbrachian that is summoned, Samus can go through the hatch it guarded to find the E-Recovery Tank.

Missile TanksEdit

Missile Tank 1Edit

After Samus' first encounter with Griptians, she will reach this Tank through a tunnel in the wall of the next corridor.

Missile Tank 2Edit

In the first room with a Holographic Generator after encountering little birdie, Samus must power down the generator to reveal this Tank on a metallic platform.

Missile Tank 3Edit

Beyond the Observation Room is an unimportant corridor teeming with Geemers. After clearing them out, the Tank can be found in a small chamber inside the wall.

Missile Tank 4Edit

Immediately following the Ghalmanian elevator sequence, Samus will find a hidden tunnel at the top. The Tank is at the end.

Missile Tank 5Edit

In a corridor soon after the elevator shaft, Samus will find another tunnel in the wall leading to this Tank.

Missile Tank 6Edit

Through a tunnel in the large observation deck of the Observation Room. Getting this is risky, as Samus may slide down a slope through a hole and fail to get the Tank. The Spring Ball is effective at obtaining the Tank. If she falls, a well-timed Bomb Jump will bring her back up.

Missile Tank 7Edit

Clearing the rubbish in the Scrap Block will reveal a tunnel, through which this Tank is accessible.

Missile Tank 8Edit

While ascending the Biological Experiment Floor, Samus will find the Tank on a ledge below the main spiral leading to the top.

Missile Tank 9Edit

In the room where Samus self-authorizes the Space Jump and Screw Attack, she can fall down into the pit and roll through a tunnel on the left to reach this Tank.

Missile Tank 10Edit

Samus must plunge into the water in a partially submerged corridor and kill a Whipvine to unblock the tunnel with this Tank.

Missile Tank 11Edit

This is in the large Bull-inhabited cavern with rising and falling water levels. The Tank is in a tunnel in the corner of the far end of the room.

Missile Tank 12Edit

In a damaged elevator shaft inhabited by Geemers (close to the first Groganch's room). Samus must use Search View to find a small crate on the ceiling and destroy the crate to obtain the Tank.

Missile Tank 13Edit

In the same chamber as Energy Part 2, Samus will find this Tank at the top of the mountain she needs to pass. The Tank is hidden in a small crate in a camouflaged tunnel on the right of the cliff.

Missile Tank 14Edit

This item may not be possible to obtain until after Samus' return to the BOTTLE SHIP. In the large room where the Ghalmanians are first fought, Samus must latch onto a Grapple Point and pull out of the main chamber, where she will find the Tank in a small crate.

Missile Tank 15Edit

In the dirt tunnel leading to the Subterranean Control Room, Samus must Shinespark up a shaft and then drop down onto a ledge, where the Tank is in a small crate.

Missile Tank 16Edit

At the end of a long jungle corridor leading to the Biological Experiment Floor. Samus must disable a holographic generator to reveal the industrialized scenery, destroy a Super Missile obstacle and Space Jump to the opened alcove to reach the Tank.

Missile Tank 17Edit

Samus must Shinespark through a hole in the ceiling of the room before the Ghalmanian elevator (the Shinespark can be built up in the corridor behind it). Once she reaches the top, she must drop back down and grab a ledge halfway down the shaft on the left. The Tank is in a small crate.

Missile Tank 18Edit

In the same corridor as Missile Tank 5, behind a Super Missile blast shield on the left.

Missile Tank 19Edit

Back in the Breeding Room area, Samus must dismantle a Super Missile blast shield, and then Shinespark up the shaft that's revealed to find the Tank on a higher ledge.

Missile Tank 20Edit

A Blast Shield two doors from the Breeding Room will open after Samus' return. Kick Climbing up a shaft will get Samus to this Tank underneath an elaborate tree.

Missile Tank 21Edit

From the bottom of the room where Samus encountered little birdie, Samus must run up the slippery slope. From there, she must slide back down and launch a Super Missile at a blast shield on the ceiling to reveal a Grapple Point. She must then run back up, once again slide down and grapple onto the point, which will bring her into a hidden chamber.

Missile Tank 22Edit

Samus must speed run up the large cylindrical chamber full of Grippers, and Shinespark at the dead end of the spiral to reach the Tank.

Missile Tank 23Edit

In the same submerged corridor as Missile Tank 10, Samus must run through the water with the Gravity Feature (shooting any Skultera in her way) and penetrate a metal grate guarding the Tank.

Missile Tank 24Edit

Through the Navigation Booth close to the first Groganch's room is an L-shaped hallway inhabited by Zeros and Kihunters. The Space Jump must be used to claim this Tank in an alcove above the exit around the corner.

Missile Tank 25Edit

In the observation area of the Groganch's room, Samus must go through the door on the right and move into the next corridor. When she spots a sensor, she must activate it so that part of the glass wall will open and give her access to the Tank.

Missile Tank 26Edit

The final Missile Tank in the Biosphere is situated on a high ledge in the room before the Biosphere Test Area. In the forest room where the second Groganch is encountered, Samus must speed run on the track through a wall in a cliff, and continue running until she conveniently reaches the Tank's ledge.

Accel ChargeEdit

Through a tunnel where Groganches can be seen, Samus will come to a ruined lounge. She must go into the ladies' restroom from here, and she will find the Charge in the far-left stall.

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