Biotech Research Area 2 is a room in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. Upon entering it, a cutscene shows Meta Ridley break free of his restraints upon noticing Samus and flying off destroy pipes and other equipment high up in the room in the process, so that debris rains down from above. Two suspended Grapple Points provide passage over the floor, since the opposite ledge is too high to reach by jumping. Should Samus fail to grapple across and fall below, she will land in a pool of shallow water. A block near the end of the room allows her to jump onto it so she can get back up and try again.

As hinted by scanning the room, this is where the Space Pirates created Meta Ridley.

Connecting RoomsEdit



Meta-Ridley breaks free.

Grapple Point

"While in Combat Visor mode, press and hold L* when this object is in view to perform a Grapple Beam swing."


"Subject >> Meta Ridley. Weapon update complete. Stinger ballistics >> online. Plasma fuel cell >> online."


"Subject >> Meta Ridley. Cerebral casing stable. Exoskeleton seal holding. Begin umbilical retraction."

* L in the GameCube versions, Z in the Wii versions.


  • An unused layer in this room, labelled "Don't load", features an additional block on the far side of the water. This would allow Samus to cross the room by simply wading through the water and jumping up, rather than grappling across as intended.
  • In the Trilogy version, the tutorial message for the Grapple Beam is missing, perhaps due to a minor programming error.


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