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Bioweapon Research Center Terminal 2

Samus and MB in the Bioweapon Research Center.

The Bioweapon Research Center (known as the Living
body arms development lab
in the E3 2009 trailer) is a Galactic Federation base connected to the Biosphere in Metroid: Other M. Samus Aran arrives here while tracking the Deleter and meets MB, pretending to be Madeline Bergman; MB proceeds to reveal that two dangerous organisms thought to be eradicated from the galaxy, Metroids and Ridley, were cloned using remnants of their DNA located on Samus' Power Suit, which were extracted from her soon after her last mission on Zebes.

Later, Adam orders Samus to find a survivor in Room MW, which turns out to be the real Madeline Bergman. Samus destroys a Queen Metroid and then pursues the escaping Madeline.


The Bioweapon Research Center mostly contained mechanisms, presumably as a defense by MB against Samus to prevent her from reaching her. The only creatures seen here are Metroids.

Main roomEdit

Bioweapon Research Center Terminal

Samus tries to access the computer mainframe.

The main room of the Bioweapon Research Center contains a large computer console which provides users with information regarding the state of the facilities. It can detect if there are any issues present in any of the sectors around the ship and display them. The terminal requires an access code that only key Bottle Ship staff know.

To the left of the terminal is a Desbrachian door, which disappears after Samus leaves to destroy Sector 0. It is possible MB released the creature inside the door when she was about to be attacked by James here. Behind this door is another area of the Research Center and Room MW.

Storage roomEdit

Bioweapon Research Center Storage Room

"Madeline" tells Samus in the storage room what happened.

The storage room is located on the ground floor through a lockable door. MB hides in this room when she enters and sees Samus at the console. She then opens the door after Samus explains her situation and lets her into the room. "Madeline" then tells Samus her version of the events on the Bottle Ship. Afterwards the room is locked with a grey light and cannot be opened.

Spare roomEdit

There is an empty room at the top of the balcony in the main research center. This room contains a Missile Tank and a swarm of Super Zebesians that attack Samus just when she thinks she can leave the room.

Room MWEdit


Samus fights the Queen in Room MW.

Main article: Room MW

Room MW is linked to the main room via an elevator and several other rooms. One of these rooms contains the corpse of Ridley after he was completely drained of life-energy by the Queen Metroid. It appears Ridley entered this room through the ceiling.

In Room MW are several empty containment pods. At the far sides of the room are several chambers, one of which Samus finds the real Madeline Bergman taking refuge in. Samus is distracted by the opening of the blast doors, which contains Metroid Eggs. Then the Queen Metroid appears, whom Samus obliterates after a long and grueling battle with her Power Bombs, destroying much of the room as well. Madeline escapes after this, with Samus in pursuit.

Metroid roomEdit

The first room Madeline Bergman runs into, this room is connected by a hatch that slides up and down to close. It is covered in slush and hatched Metroid eggs, indicating that this is another area where the queen hatches her eggs.

Confrontation roomEdit

Samus pursues Madeline here and questions her, finding out about MB's conspiracy. They are both confronted by MB herself, who aims a Freeze Gun at Madeline. MB is soon frozen by invading Federation Marines, who are lead by a seemingly heartless Colonel that orders MB's death, Madeline's arrest and Samus being escorted back to her Gunship. Anthony Higgs turns out to be alive and because his orders to secure the safety of survivors from Adam were authorized by the chairman of the Galactic Federation, he and Samus take Madeline under their protection and return to Galactic Federation Headquarters. Worthy of note is that although MB's hairclip falls to the floor, it is absent on subsequent visits to this room.

As for the room itself, it is square in shape and has two floors. Samus enters from the bottom floor and finds Madeline up against a locked hatch leading to a room she explores when returning to the Bottle Ship. The second floor contains an elevator that the Colonel used, but Samus cannot use for unknown reasons. There is no access between floors in the confrontation room itself, so Samus will have to backtrack if she falls to the bottom floor. Concept art of the Bioweapon Research Center suggests that this room is for observation of the Queen Metroid.

Expansion roomEdit

Not accessible on the first visit, this room features a staircase leading to another floor containing little importance except for terminals with unreadable information. The top floor features a pillar in the middle projecting holograms of Biosphere, Cryosphere and Pyrosphere environments, all of which have been explored by Samus. This pillar features an open section in the back, through which Samus can Kick Climb up to a Morph Ball tunnel, in which she can reach a Missile Tank.

Console screen textEdit

E3 2009 trailerEdit

Living Body Arms

Briefly seen password screen, beta version.

"Living body arms development lab.

enter your Mission code

Attestation success......"
(Below is a "QWERTY" configuration keypad, though with the Z key in the wrong place. This error was not corrected in the final game.)

  • Behind the name of the lab is the symbol of the Galactic Federation and the text "Attestation success......" blinks rapidly in a green font.

Final gameEdit

"Bioweapon Research Center Database

Login and password entry

Confirmed Logging in...."


  • Curiously, if Samus looks at the computer terminal after her return to the center, it will give the beta name of Living body arms development lab.
  • On the keypad, Samus enters "E-Y-K" as the last of 10-keys and hits the enter key, but receives a red "Error" message.
  • The last 3 keys MB uses in her 10-key password are "O-T-4".
  • This area contains very few enemies that can actually be fought: the Queen and Metroids spawned to help her in battle, Desbrachians as well as Rinka, FG-1000 and FG II-Graham. Though in the last cutscene before the credits to the game, Mighty Griptians and Ghalmanians are shown to be nearby and are being called by MB to aid her. Interesting to note is that a Desbrachian was laying dormant quite near Samus when she conversed with MB about the Metroids.
  • The Bioweapon Research Center is the smallest area in the game. The room containing two of the area's three items is inaccessible until the post game.
  • The password screen on the terminal resembles that of the original Metroid.


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