Bioweapon Research Center Database

The Bioweapon Research Center Database appears to be a network relating to the BOTTLE SHIP. Accessed from a computer terminal in the Bioweapon Research Center, the screen displays a touch-sensitive keyboard that is used to type a ten-letter password in and gain access to any secret information.

In Metroid: Other M, Samus Aran can be seen typing EYK as the last three letters into the terminal, but she receives a red error message. MB, after informing Samus of the special-forces unit, directs her to the terminal, where she types in OT4, again the last three letters, successfully. The database has confidential information concerning Project Metroid Warriors.


Living Body Arms

Beta version.

  • During the original E3 2009 trailer, when the location was still known as the "Living body arms development lab", the screen was different. The password box said "enter your Mission code" above the actual password when in the final game it says "Login and password entry". Secondly, when the log in was confirmed, it said "Attestation success......" but in the game it says "Confirmed Logging in..."
  • A QWERTY configured keyboard is used, though with the Z key in the wrong place. This error was not corrected in the final game.
  • Curiously, if one looks close enough at the terminal after the cutscene, it does display "Living body arms development lab".
  • The screen resembles the password screen in Metroid.

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