A bliptrans is a Space Pirate communication protocol referred to in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Although the name "bliptrans" implies that the communications are brief and thus likely to be of low data capacity, they are apparently sufficient to transfer images and possibly video. The exact carrier medium is unknown, although the fact that bliptrans seem to be transmitted at faster than lightspeed indicates the use of a technology other than conventional radio waves or other electromagnetic communications media.

Logbook entriesEdit

Bryyo Falls

Temporary scan

Space Pirate data decoded.
Entry: (Bryyo Falls)
Data moved to Logbook for review.

Logbook entry

Command has received disturbing reports from Bryyo. Contact with our outpost there has been terminated. A coded bliptrans showing Commander Rundas falling in battle to Samus has arrived. Worst of all, the Bryyonian Seed has been demolished. The Hunter's might is great, and she is as efficient as ever when it comes to disrupting our operations.
Our spies within the Federation tell us she travels to Elysia soon. We plan on having an appropriate welcoming party in place for her when she arrives. Commander Ghor is a very...accommodating host.

Urtraghus Lost (unused)

Temporary scan

Space Pirate data decoded.
Entry: (Urtraghus Lost)
Data moved to Logbook for review.

Logbook entry

Entry 07.004.8
The situation seems dire. The Federation and its rabid beast Aran have turned Urtraghus into a flaming field of debris. Our troops were driven out, and there is no message from Mistress Gandrayda. We fear she shares the fate of her comrades... struck down by the hands of the hunter.
However, secure bliptrans transmissions reveal worse. The Federation has taken possession of the flagship of our leader. They have the Leviathan. With its power, they can open a wormhole at any point in space... even the origin of all Phazon. Our spies tell us that they are preparing for the invasion. And yet we will not fear, for the great leader is with us!



  • In real-life, travelling at lightspeed would be impossible.


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