A Blob Thrower is an odd creature native to SR388 in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns resembling a flower. It spits out Blobs or Blob Swarms that will harm Samus on contact. The Blob Thrower itself is sessile; its main stalk is embedded into the ground by vine-like roots, though it can extend and contract it in order to launch its projectiles at varying heights.

Metroid II: Return of SamusEdit

Blob Throwers are only found on top of an ancient Chozo building in Phase 3.

The Blobs are blue in color and they each feature what appears to be a green eyeball, heavily implying they are living organisms themselves. They flutter in the air for several seconds before eventually disintegrating. It is unknown if the Blobs are part of the Blob Thrower's method of reproduction, or simply creatures that live in symbiosis with the flower and act as the latter's defenses.

To kill the Blob Thrower itself, Samus must fire from above at the orifice in the center of the flower. If she does not possess the High Jump Boots, it is preferable for Samus to wait for the Blob Thrower's stalk to contract, bringing the flower closer to the ground. Some timing is required, as the creature increases its height often and her weapon fire can hit the Blobs instead. Alternatively, if the Wave Beam is equipped, she can fire from various positions; the beam's helical trajectory massively increases the odds of hitting the Blob Thrower's weak point. The Spazer Laser Beam also works well for this. The Blob Thrower frequently yields large Energy Capsules when destroyed.

Metroid: Samus ReturnsEdit

Blob Throwers return in Metroid: Samus Returns, a remake of Metroid II. They are present in Area 3 and Area 5. The creatures extend themselves up to the ceiling, blocking Samus's access if it is low enough. These creatures can only be destroyed with the Beam Burst or Power Bomb. When Samus approaches one, it releases Blob Swarms that actively swoop down to attack her.

Blob Swarms also appear on their own in Area 4, Area 6, and Area 7, where no Blob Throwers can be found. This suggests that these insects can survive independently without depending upon the presence of a Blob Thrower.

Official dataEdit

Metroid II manualEdit

"This plant creature spits out little blobs."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

Inhabitants & Eco System of SR388 (p. 18)
"These massive flowers are impossible to defeat without the Beam Burst. Their size allows them to easily prevent you from progressing, and they have the ability to release Blob Swarms to attack on their behalf. They themselves don’t attack, but the Blob Swarms, if not dealt with quickly, can cause plenty of problems."
Walkthrough (p. 86)
"Blob Throwers are indestructible when you first encounter them. At a distance, they like to hide low to the ground. When approached by something they perceive as a threat, they spring up out of the ground, impeding the threat’s path. When given a bit of open air, they also spawn Blob Swarms to defend themselves. They aren’t much of a threat, and the Blob Swarms they call are more useful than menacing, since they can refill your resources. Until you find something to cut down this overgrowth, find a way around them."
Inhabitants & Eco System of SR388 (p. 18)
"A swarm-type enemy similar to Parabies, Blob Swarms are flying insects seen coming out of Blob Throwers. If you deal with them and their Blob Throwers quickly, you won’t have much of an issue, but leave these things unchecked and you relearn the meaning of “pest.”"


  • It is unknown whether or not the Blob Thrower species became X Parasite hosts, as Samus did not encounter any Blob Thrower-X in Metroid Fusion.
    • The large, infected flowers present during the Nettori battle greatly resemble Blob Throwers in regard to both their appearance and their ability to launch projectiles. However, they behave more similarly to Samus Eaters in the manner they trap their prey in their orifice, as well as their stalks being unable to extend at all.
    • The X are known to combine the DNA of their previous hosts in order to produce unnatural organisms that possess abilities from different animals. The large flowers in Nettori's room, which feature traits from Blob Throwers and Samus Eaters, may therefore be the result of the X combining the genetic information of the latter two species.
  • In Area 5 of Samus Returns, there are fly-like creatures in the background that resemble Blob Swarms, despite there not being any Throwers in their close vicinity.