Blob Thrower as it appears in Metroid II.

Blob Thrower Blob

Blob sprite

A Blob Thrower is an odd creature in Metroid II: Return of Samus resembling a flower. It spits out seemingly living creatures called Blobs that will harm Samus if she touches one. The blob thrower itself is stationary, though. They are found on top of a Chozo building in SR388, and frequently yield large energy units when destroyed.

Without using the Wave Beam, one must fire down at it from above to kill it, the orifice at the top is its weak point. The most efficient way to kill it is to wait for it to stop throwing blobs, then, once it stops and retracts into the ground a small bit, then repeatedly jump over it while shooting down.

The Blobs appear to be blue in color and seem to be creatures, as they have what appear to be green, empty eyes. They somewhat fly in the air for a few seconds before they disintegrate.

The plants found between the platforms during the Nettori battle in Metroid Fusion greatly resemble Blob Throwers in regard to their appearance and their ability to launch projectiles, though they behave like Samus Eaters in that they trap their prey and do not appear to extend at all.


"This plant creature spits out little blobs."


  • It is unknown whether or not the Blob Thrower species became X Parasite hosts, as Samus did not encounter any Blob Thrower-X in Metroid Fusion.


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