Bombs (ボム bomu) are the basic weapons for Samus Aran's Morph Ball. Bombs can break certain objects, and are essential in defeating several Bosses, such as Flaahgra and Amorbis, although they are not of great use on normal enemies. They have appeared in every Metroid game. If Samus deploys a Bomb below her, she'll make a small jump called a Bomb Jump. In 2D Metroid games, Samus can drop multiple bombs with proper timing to perform an infinite Bomb Jump that propels her through the air. Bombs can activate Bomb Slots, which will in turn activate another object. They can also destroy Bomb Blocks in the 2D Games, Sandstone in Metroid Prime, and Talloric Alloy throughout the Prime series. A more powerful version called the Power Bomb is also available. In the Prime Trilogy and Metroid Prime Hunters Samus can only use 3 Bombs in a short amount of time, and the bombs must recharge before being used again.

In the 2D Metroid games, bombs appear as actual metal bombs which flash until detonating. Bombs tend to explode after two or three seconds, except in Metroid Fusion, where they take approximately 5 seconds (this makes it impossible to perform repeated Bomb Jumps midair, and was likely done to prevent Sequence Breaking). It is also possible to lay several bombs instead of the three at a time in the Prime games. In Super Metroid and Metroid Other M Samus can use the Charge Beam to perform the Five-Bomb Drop by charging the beam and then entering Morph Ball form.

During the Prime Trilogy, bombs appear as a blue energy ball when dropped. When they detonate, they are surrounded by blue light. Other M's bombs appear as metal capsules that explode into the same blue light. In the first two Prime games, they are used to do Bomb Jumps in small tunnels and to damage enemies. In Echoes, there is also a mini-boss called the Bomb Guardian which steals the Bomb upgrade from Samus and can consequently produce Bombs of its own that are identical to Samus's. However, the Bomb Guardian appears to be able to produce many Bombs simultaneously, while Samus is limited to three. In Corruption, Bombs still serve the same purpose, but a small flick upwards of the Wii Remote activates the Spring Ball, which can be used as a faster alternative for reaching areas in Morph Ball form. The Spring Ball also appears in the New Play Control! Prime titles and the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Super Smash Bros. seriesEdit

In the Super Smash Bros. series, the Bomb is Samus' down special attack and is apparently made of metal like in the 2D games. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, the move can be customized. Its two variants include the Slip Bomb and Mega Bomb:

"Drop a bomb in Morph Ball form. You'll fly upward if you're hit by the explosion."
Mega Bomb - "Drop a stronger bomb with a longer fuse. Only one can exist at a time."

Official dataEdit

Metroid manualEdit

"Samus can use this bomb while he is still small and round. Use the B button to attack an enemy with the bomb. Use the blast to break down barriers. You will need bombs when escaping from the Metroid."

1986 mangaEdit

"Lets you set Bombs in ball form. It's good for damaging enemies on the ground and destroying rocks."

Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"This item you can only use when Samus has become round from using the round ball. It is handy for attacking enemies that crawl on the ground, or to help you destroy narrow passages."

Metroid II manualEdit

"After obtaining the bomb, press the B Button while in the ball shape to set a bomb. Bombs have the power to hurt enemies, and to break through some floors, walls, and ceilings."

Super Metroid manualEdit

"When you have the bombs, you can set explosive devices by making Samus roll into a ball and pressing the fire button. In addition to damaging enemies, Bombs can blow open certain sections of the floors and walls."

Official Metroid Prime websiteEdit

Weapon Effect: Potentially lethal at close range.

Weapon Range: 1 - 10 m

Weapon Potential: High

"The Morph Ball Bomb is the default weapon used by Samus Aran while in Morph Ball form.

Lava lake sandstone explosion morph ball bomb

Bombs in Metroid Prime

The Morph Ball Bomb can be used to break cracked walls and to activate certain devices. If the Morph Ball is near a Morph Ball Bomb when it explodes, the concussive force of the explosion will lift the Morph Ball into the air. This tactic is also known as the Bomb Jump. The Morph Ball Bomb can easily demolish objects made out of Brinstone."

Metroid Prime manualEdit

"Samus will be vulnerable when she first gets the Morph Ball, but she'll soon find Bombs to arm herself. Samus has an unlimited number of these energy-based explosives, but she can only drop three at a time. Bombs can be used to destroy weak walls as well as enemies."

Inventory dataEdit



Metroid Prime Series

Inventory entry

The Morph Ball Bomb is the default weapon for the Morph Ball.
Press GC A button/Wii A button when in Morph Ball mode to drop a Morph Ball Bomb.

Samus's Notes

The Morph Ball Bomb can be used to break cracked walls and activate certain devices.
If the Morph Ball is near a Morph Ball Bomb when it explodes, it will be popped a short distance into the air. This is called a Bomb Jump.
When a Morph Ball Bomb explodes, it must be close to the enemy to be effective.
The Morph Ball Bomb can easily break items made of Sandstone or Talloric Alloy.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes manualEdit

Morph Ball Bomb Echoes

Bombs in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

"Samus will be vulnerable early on in the game, but she'll soon find Bombs to arm herself. Samus has an unlimited number of them, but she can only lay three at a time. Bombs can be used to destroy objects and walls made of Talloric Alloy as well as enemies. By positioning the Morph Ball directly over a Bomb, you can propel it up into the air, effectively jumping short distances."

Metroid Fusion manualEdit

Morph ball bomb corruption dolphin hd

Bombs in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

"These limitless bombs can only be used in combination with the Morph Ball. They cause damage to enemies and can also be used to destroy certain sections of the walls and floors. Press the B button while in Morph Ball mode."

Fusion websiteEdit

"Invaluable for blasting through sections of walls and floors, bombs can only be placed while Samus is in Morph Ball form. Bombs blast through Bomb Blocks and can propel Samus into the air."

Metroid: Zero Mission manualEdit

"After acquiring this ability, Samus can set Bombs while in Morph Ball form. In addition to damaging enemies, they can destroy some blocks and walls. Samus has an unlimited supply of them. To use them, press the B Button while in Morph Ball form."

Zero Mission Samus Screen dataEdit

"Press B in Morph Ball form to set."

Metroid Prime Hunters Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Small bursts of energy detonate from the MORPH BALL shortly after being triggered. Ideal for opening secret passages and eliminating small creatures. Press the FIRE button while in MORPH BALL mode to place the BOMBS. BOMB JUMPING is possible by triggering BOMBS with proper timing.

Metroid: Other M on-screen tutorialEdit

Press 1 while in Morph Ball to release.

Before AuthorizationEdit

Adam has not yet authorized
the use of bombs.

Metroid: Other M manualEdit

"Press and release 1 in Morph Ball mode to set bombs that will damage enemies and break some floors and walls."

Metroid: Other M Samus Screen dataEdit

"Controls: In Morph Ball mode, place bombs by pressing 1."

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U: Prima Official Game GuideEdit

Damage 4~5% Max Damage 99% : 2 Hits
"Samus drops a bomb from Morph Ball form. The bombs explode on impact or after a short time. These bombs do slightly more damage if they hit an opponent directly. If Samus is hit by the explosion, it sends her upward a bit but does not deal damage to her."

Smash TipsEdit

"Samus morphs into a ball and drops a bomb. You can use the explosion to gain a little height."

Metroid: Samus Returns Samus Screen dataEdit

"A Bomb specially designed to be used with the Morph Ball. While in Morph Ball form, press [Y button] to set a Bomb."


  • It is unknown how Samus generates these bombs, or how the energy stays in a sphere shape until detonation.
  • The only time Samus ever demonstrated the use of the bombs outside her Power Suit was in the original Metroid.
  • In Metroid Fusion, the bombs noticeably take longer to detonate than in the other 2-D games, making it impossible for Samus to do an infinite Bomb Jump. This is one of many changes made to the game to prevent Sequence Breaking.
  • Interestingly, in games such Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, should Samus place a bomb in mid-air, it will remain there. However, should she place it over a mobile platform, such as the ones used by the Morph Ball in order to move up and down, the bomb will move along with it.
  • In Brawl, the sound that the Bomb makes when laid resembles that of Samus's grunts when she is attacked in Super Metroid.
  • Bombs apparently defy gravity, as they do not fall after being placed, save for in the Super Smash Bros. series and when using the Five-Bomb Drop technique.


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