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The Bomb-Trick[1] is an advanced version of the Bomb Jump technique in the Prime Series. In these games, only three Bombs can be laid at a time, making the Turbo Bomb from the 2-D Metroid games impossible. However, Bomb Jumps can still be used to Samus's advantage in the Prime games. First, Samus must lay a Bomb in Morph Ball form. Immediately as it explodes, she must lay another Bomb on the ground, and then a third one in the air. After falling to the ground, the lower Bomb will propel her to the upper Bomb, and cause her to jump higher than a regular Bomb Jump. This technique is particularly useful in acquiring certain items, such as the Energy Tank in Transport Tunnel A, or in Sequence Breaking. With the addition of the Spring Ball in the Wii versions of the games, the Bomb-Trick is made even easier, as Samus can jump in Ball form, lay a Bomb in mid-air, jump again and be propelled by the single Bomb.


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