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Large, rolling Boulders are a rare obstacle in Super Metroid. Encountered only in two secret areas, they rest on unstable ground and immediately begin rolling towards Samus. Impervious to her weaponry, the only way she can avoid them is by jumping over them. When they hit a wall, they explode into chunks. They reappear after leaving the room.

Iron Avalanche

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide, which refers to Boulders as "metal balls".

There are two places where Samus encounters rolling and falling Boulders. In Ridley's Lair, if Samus enters the room with the large monster-like cave, the upper shafts feature three Boulders. These guard a Missile Tank. If Samus lays a Power Bomb in the third room of the "old" Brinstar, it will obliterate the bottom half of the large overhang and reveal a shaft up which she can Shinespark. Crossing over into the next room, Samus will find a floor of spikes submerged in water with no apparent way over, although using the X-Ray Scope reveals a hidden platform above her. However, Boulders will fall and roll towards her. Beyond this room is a pair of Missile Tanks.

In Metroid Prime: Federation Force, boulders appear towards the end of M02: Hardball on Bion. They are launched down a steep slope, and bounced off of platforms under which the Federation Force can take cover in order to avoid them. Unlike in Super Metroid, these boulders can be destroyed quite easily. They also appear on Bion in M20: Insurrection.

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