A Bounty Bonus is awarded whenever Samus Aran loses her ball in Metroid Prime Pinball. It is awarded based on the number of each type of enemy she has killed and the total number of Specials she has collected. The Bounty Multiplier also multiplies the Bounty Bonus by its the current value. The total number of counted enemies is from the entire game, and not just the ball. Therefore, the Bounty Bonus will continue to accumulate and become worth more on subsequent balls.

List of BonusesEdit

Beetle: 20 points

Parasite: 150 points

Puffer: 150 points

War Wasp: 150 points

Burrower: 200 points

Space Pirate: 300 points

Triclops: 400 points

Metroid: 500 points

Special Token: 5,000 points

Omega Pirate: 10,000 points

Thardus: 10,000 points

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